PSG 1-1 Bordeaux

PSG was hooked by the Girondins de Bordeaux at the 29th round of Ligue 1 (1-1).

PSG could not do better than return to the last minutes of his duel with Bordeaux to catch the point of the tie tonight. The players of Carlo Ancelotti, barely able to create danger in the first period, came back with better intentions after the break but were unable to be pushing this team to Bordeaux, which can be satisfied with her game. Tonight, Montpellier asleep first.


This 29th day was a test more for the PSG version of Carlo Ancelotti, and the least we can say is that Parisians are far from taking the exam with flying colors. Bickered with training Bordeaux well applied in its ground grid and pressing, the Parisians have long doubted. Unable to make their last few phases of possessions, they have mainly evolved and offered against a face that recalled without a doubt the team coached by Antoine Kombouare in the first half of the season.

The fault probably the game plan chosen by the Italian technician, who has aligned his team in the 4-2-3-1 who had the happiness of the capital club in the early months of the championship. Unfortunately, this is a version of PSG end of the year 2011 who worked in the field. Cut in half, too slow in its transmissions and unable to fast connections between these lines, Paris had to settle on the danger of creating kick bones. And Alex could have opened the scoring with an excellent service Nene if his gesture had not failed application (29th).

A strong opposition

The Girondins themselves, were collectively consistent. First the grid in their field and their laundry, which has paused serious problems for defenders of Paris. Then in their game plan, which largely sought Trémoulinas on the left wing. The French side has stepped up spills in the first period, creating a huge opportunity for Plasil, frustrated by Sirigu at close range (31 ‘). After the break, Paris returned to a more Italian since Matuidi to replace Jeremy Menez and allowed his team to use training in Christmas tree so dear to Carlo Ancelotti. And the impact is immediately felt, particularly with Sissoko, who, in a more advanced position, sent a superb volley narrowly finally diverted by an alert Carrasso (48th).

Faced with this tactical change, Bordeaux had a harder time setting foot on the ball and play advantage on the wings to create chances. This is also an acceleration of Maurice-Belay Plasil right side that has had the opportunity to send a superb strike from the right on cross Sirigu (72nd), which was completely beaten. In the last fifteen minutes, Bordeaux took advantage of the speed of his attackers to sanction improper alignment of the defense of the PSG, which was up a notch. And Maurice-Belay, very active throughout the meeting, was based only on goal before offering a caviar Diabaté, who pushed the ball into the empty goal (77th). It is precisely at this point that the PSG reagent version 2012 has demonstrated, through a brilliant backheel Bodmer, who has helped to give Hoarau the two teams level (81st). However, it is Bordeaux, which came out satisfied with the match having taken the point of zero. For PSG, who lost the championship lead in goal difference against Montpellier, it is time to take action.

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