Sirigu: “Don’t think negative”

PSG’s goalkeeper, Salvatore Sirigu was speaking after the draw obtained by his team against Bordeaux (1-1) at the 29th day of Ligue 1.

“I do not know what we need. It is committed to many trainings and during matches as well. Are we missing something in mind? I do not know. If you do not think that ‘the negative things they will not come out of this spiral. think positive and get points. we must continue to work. It’s not a completely negative, because when we are leading the championship tied with Montpellier . We can still do great things, then I think of nothing else. I do not want to think negative.”

PSG 1-1 Bordeaux

PSG was hooked by the Girondins de Bordeaux at the 29th round of Ligue 1 (1-1).

PSG could not do better than return to the last minutes of his duel with Bordeaux to catch the point of the tie tonight. The players of Carlo Ancelotti, barely able to create danger in the first period, came back with better intentions after the break but were unable to be pushing this team to Bordeaux, which can be satisfied with her game. Tonight, Montpellier asleep first.


This 29th day was a test more for the PSG version of Carlo Ancelotti, and the least we can say is that Parisians are far from taking the exam with flying colors. Bickered with training Bordeaux well applied in its ground grid and pressing, the Parisians have long doubted. Unable to make their last few phases of possessions, they have mainly evolved and offered against a face that recalled without a doubt the team coached by Antoine Kombouare in the first half of the season.

The fault probably the game plan chosen by the Italian technician, who has aligned his team in the 4-2-3-1 who had the happiness of the capital club in the early months of the championship. Unfortunately, this is a version of PSG end of the year 2011 who worked in the field. Cut in half, too slow in its transmissions and unable to fast connections between these lines, Paris had to settle on the danger of creating kick bones. And Alex could have opened the scoring with an excellent service Nene if his gesture had not failed application (29th).

A strong opposition

The Girondins themselves, were collectively consistent. First the grid in their field and their laundry, which has paused serious problems for defenders of Paris. Then in their game plan, which largely sought Trémoulinas on the left wing. The French side has stepped up spills in the first period, creating a huge opportunity for Plasil, frustrated by Sirigu at close range (31 ‘). After the break, Paris returned to a more Italian since Matuidi to replace Jeremy Menez and allowed his team to use training in Christmas tree so dear to Carlo Ancelotti. And the impact is immediately felt, particularly with Sissoko, who, in a more advanced position, sent a superb volley narrowly finally diverted by an alert Carrasso (48th).

Faced with this tactical change, Bordeaux had a harder time setting foot on the ball and play advantage on the wings to create chances. This is also an acceleration of Maurice-Belay Plasil right side that has had the opportunity to send a superb strike from the right on cross Sirigu (72nd), which was completely beaten. In the last fifteen minutes, Bordeaux took advantage of the speed of his attackers to sanction improper alignment of the defense of the PSG, which was up a notch. And Maurice-Belay, very active throughout the meeting, was based only on goal before offering a caviar Diabaté, who pushed the ball into the empty goal (77th). It is precisely at this point that the PSG reagent version 2012 has demonstrated, through a brilliant backheel Bodmer, who has helped to give Hoarau the two teams level (81st). However, it is Bordeaux, which came out satisfied with the match having taken the point of zero. For PSG, who lost the championship lead in goal difference against Montpellier, it is time to take action.

Ancelotti defends Leonardo

While PSG’s sporting director, Leonardo, had criticized the level in Ligue 1, Paris coach, Carlo Ancelotti was keen to defend him.

“I’ve been here only three months. I do not know the working methods of the other teams. In general, research work on details and on new things is important. It is for these reasons that Leonardo has said all that. It’s a positive review. In France, clubs are good defensively and overall is good.” said  Carlo Ancelotti.

Leonardo: “Failure”

PSG’s sporting director, Leonardo, spoke of the defeat by Lyon in the semi final of the Coupe de France (1-3).

Leonardo, PSG’s sporting director, shared his impressions following the defeat against Olympique Lyonnais in the semis final of the Coupe de France (1-3). “Of course it is a failure. We completely missed our first half. Then we responded well and we could have scored more goals. Now, PSG has no choice. We have to win the title . It’s been seventeen years since the club was not champion. We must not think of anything else. It was the first defeat of Ancelotti … and perhaps the last.”

PSG 1-3 Lyon

In quarter-finals of the Coupe de France, Olympique Lyonnais brings down PSG (1-3) and qualifies for the semi-finals of the competition.

Paris SG 1-3 Lyon
Goals: Nene 19sp – Kallstrom 25th, 39th Lisandro, Gomis 90 +2
Olympique Lyonnais has qualified for 1/2 Cup finals in France by beating Paris Saint-Germain at the Parc des Princes (1-3). This is the first defeat of PSG in 2012 and Carlo Ancelotti’s era. OL rest him on three consecutive victories and has fully digested the failure of Nicosia in the Champions League.

Realism Lyon

In a near-full Parc des Princes, the shock of the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France went on a round of observation of a quarter of an hour. In the 19th minute, Mr. Turpin meets the referee whistles of a very severe penalty for the Parisians. Umtiti against a ball of Menez but his arm is glued to the body. Nene transforms without trembling. 6 minutes later, it is the Lyonnais who enjoy a good kick to 23m. Kim Kallstrom rushes and found the top left corner of Nicolas Douchez (1-1, 25th).

This first period is very tactical and teams are grouped. Lead tries, but gives Gameiro hitting the attacker is captured by Lloris. Lyon then took the lead. On a nice move, Lisandro Lopez at the back post includes the ideal center of fleeing Kallstrom (2-1, 39th). Just before halftime, Nene the ball to equalize but his shot was again captured by the French keeper.

Paris has tried everything in vain …

Carlo Ancelotti decided to come into play Javier Pastore from the restart. With immediate effect since the second half was one-sided in favor of Paris. From the 51st minute and a powerful shot from Jallet diverted by Lloris, waves of attacks in Paris will not stop. Players of the capital are bending Rhodaniens and Hugo Lloris gloves that heat. Lead and Pastore particular abut the captain of France. With experience, men of Remi Garde let through the storm.

Doubt and nervousness gradually settled in the heads of the premises. Lisandro and the inevitable misses on match point against a clear (68th). An action that could be costly for Lyonnais. In the last quarter of an hour, Parisians have no chances. They have given everything. A 3 minutes remaining, Michel Bastos took advantage of the Parisian Christophe Jallet and mowing the Brazilian in the surface. The penalty kick is awarded and entered by Bafétimbi Gomis (1-3, 91st). The third goal is anecdotal, Lyon finally brings down Paris hitherto invincible in 2012. A lesson in realism and achievement. Paris has nothing to regret.

Squad list for the clash with Lyon

Carlo Ancelotti, the coach of PSG, announced the group for the match against Olimpique Lyon for the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France.

Douchez, Sirigu – Alex, Armand, Bisevac, Lugano, Tiene, Camara, Jallet – Bodmer, Matuidi, Motta, Nenê, Pastore, Ménez – Luyindula, Gameiro, Hoarau

Ancelotti wants to stay at the Parc des Princes

Carlo Ancelotti, the coach of PSG, hopes his club will remain at the Parc des Princes Magré rumors installation at the Stade de France after the work.

“The French stadiums are very beautiful and often full. I like the Parc des Princes. The atmosphere is very good. Today it is home of PSG. I think he will stay after Euro 2016, ” – said the Italian coach to Le Figaro.

Ménez: “I am disappointed”

Jeremy Menez, the midfielder’s PSG, evoked criticism which he is charged.

People stayed on the picture of me when I was 18, said Jeremy Menez. I changed. If other players the same game as me we were moving to France would speak otherwise. I have a game that necessarily entails the waste and loss of ball. Critics? It does not bother me but I’m still a little disappointed. People should change and evolve as I did.

Is PSG lucky?

For the fourth time in five games, PSG scored Saturday at his duel against Caen (2-2), a valuable goal late in the game. Some see signs of a future champion.

In England, we know the Fergie Time, but in France, scoring in the final moments of a match may soon have another name, that of Ancelotime. The comparison might seem treacherous, but it is not as ridiculous as that. When you align four league games in the space of one month each time with a valuable part late in the game, even in stoppage time, is that there is a certain familiarity that sets in and the coach is there for something. Of course, the main interest is in could have done without all the cold sweats, but there can see the reflection of certain virtues in his psychological training PSG and a dose of luck. One that often accompanies future champions in the final stretch of the season.

It is too early to proclaim the PSG as the future king of France and her thin lead over the second, Montpellier, we are required, but it is certain that this team has Ile something more than the others. Save in extremis at zero for matches against the top of Table MHSC (2-2) and Lyon (4-4) is not given to everyone. And winning on the road at Dijon over ten against eleven (2-1), as well as avoid defeat at Caen (2-2), a night when everything goes wrong, even less. While low profile compared to the benefits they offered during these matches then, the Parisians have also recognized themselves, these repetitive late returns are evidence that this group has special qualities and he never lets go until the final whistle. This is, in addition, allows it to remain unbeaten since the start of the new year.

“It’s a good point taken. It was not very good tonight (Saturday), and we ran into a great team of Caen. On the face of the game, it’s nice to equalize because again we never missed a beat. So I hold it all before “told Jeremy Menez, after the match. Who scored the equalizer in the Norman ground, Christophe Jallet shared this opinion, but it has a downside. For him, the issue can not be total. “We feel a little relief and a lot of frustration tonight. We did not need the game to win. Once again, we reach to level the score at the end, but it has made ​​the task more complicated than expected, “said the former Lorient, adding:” We had many good intentions that we don ‘failed to transcribe the field, so it’s a mixed feeling that dominates. “In ambitious team, PSG knows therefore question when performance is not up to par.

The Parisians are aware that a search of title, every detail is important. But they also know that being too dependent on these nudges of fate does not bode well. Always the first to point the finger where it hurts, goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu noted that “miracles is Jesus Christ. We, we only made ​​a draw. I hope we will change attitudes and behaviors. “His teammate, Milan Bisevac, used an even more rigid when he claimed that “the team was bad. I do not even know if we deserved this. “Many statements that have the pleasure to coach Ancelotti. The latter still held in perspective and be content with a single message to his men: “We have to improve by the next game and return to our game.” And the next opponent is Lyon, a customer like no other and now who knows all the new fads of the PSG.