Is PSG lucky?

For the fourth time in five games, PSG scored Saturday at his duel against Caen (2-2), a valuable goal late in the game. Some see signs of a future champion.

In England, we know the Fergie Time, but in France, scoring in the final moments of a match may soon have another name, that of Ancelotime. The comparison might seem treacherous, but it is not as ridiculous as that. When you align four league games in the space of one month each time with a valuable part late in the game, even in stoppage time, is that there is a certain familiarity that sets in and the coach is there for something. Of course, the main interest is in could have done without all the cold sweats, but there can see the reflection of certain virtues in his psychological training PSG and a dose of luck. One that often accompanies future champions in the final stretch of the season.

It is too early to proclaim the PSG as the future king of France and her thin lead over the second, Montpellier, we are required, but it is certain that this team has Ile something more than the others. Save in extremis at zero for matches against the top of Table MHSC (2-2) and Lyon (4-4) is not given to everyone. And winning on the road at Dijon over ten against eleven (2-1), as well as avoid defeat at Caen (2-2), a night when everything goes wrong, even less. While low profile compared to the benefits they offered during these matches then, the Parisians have also recognized themselves, these repetitive late returns are evidence that this group has special qualities and he never lets go until the final whistle. This is, in addition, allows it to remain unbeaten since the start of the new year.

“It’s a good point taken. It was not very good tonight (Saturday), and we ran into a great team of Caen. On the face of the game, it’s nice to equalize because again we never missed a beat. So I hold it all before “told Jeremy Menez, after the match. Who scored the equalizer in the Norman ground, Christophe Jallet shared this opinion, but it has a downside. For him, the issue can not be total. “We feel a little relief and a lot of frustration tonight. We did not need the game to win. Once again, we reach to level the score at the end, but it has made ​​the task more complicated than expected, “said the former Lorient, adding:” We had many good intentions that we don ‘failed to transcribe the field, so it’s a mixed feeling that dominates. “In ambitious team, PSG knows therefore question when performance is not up to par.

The Parisians are aware that a search of title, every detail is important. But they also know that being too dependent on these nudges of fate does not bode well. Always the first to point the finger where it hurts, goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu noted that “miracles is Jesus Christ. We, we only made ​​a draw. I hope we will change attitudes and behaviors. “His teammate, Milan Bisevac, used an even more rigid when he claimed that “the team was bad. I do not even know if we deserved this. “Many statements that have the pleasure to coach Ancelotti. The latter still held in perspective and be content with a single message to his men: “We have to improve by the next game and return to our game.” And the next opponent is Lyon, a customer like no other and now who knows all the new fads of the PSG.

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