AJ Auxerre 1-1 PSG

Auxerre has managed to “hook” PSG and get a point in the final minutes on the match of the 32nd day (1-1).

Auxerre – Paris SG 1-1
Goals: Le Tallec (86th) – Nene (18th)

PSG missed a golden opportunity to return to the tune of Montpellier conceding a draw against Auxerre on Sunday. The Parisians have a great start the meeting by opening the scoring early, but were finally being overtaken late in the game. Blame it on a questionable attitude and a very brave team of Auxerre.

A solid start

After the missteps of MHSC, defeated on the lawn of Lorient on Sunday (2-1), Paris had the opportunity to pick up and even take the championship lead when goleada. Unfortunately, the Parisians have granted a new tie and a new faith disappointed when they had a golden opportunity here. Things had started well for Ancelotti’s team. Gameiro, tenure at the point of attack proved to be very active and difficult for the defense of Auxerre, undermined by the movements of the French center forward. And shortly before the half hour mark, he made the difference by serving perfectly Nene at the entrance to the surface, which then directed the race and the perfect shot for mistaken Sorin (23rd).

Of Auxerrois concerned

Auxerre, far from being sounded and also engaged in a battle even harder, then took advantage of this invitation to put pressure on the camp of Paris. But the technical errors of the collective Auxerrois have made it almost all attempts fruitless forays. Almost as some players like Camel Chafni have finally shown their talent to throw a chill in the Paris team. The Moroccan party on the left side, was based on Oliech before Bisevac feint with an inner hook and hitting power in the post … (53). A shot of hot Sirigu, who would save his team a few minutes later, slamming a head Oliech on a cross from the left (60th).

A difference in attitude

Nevertheless, it is Paris that would be the biggest regret of the evening when Nene, served in depth by Menez, left alone and ignored Gameiro goal at the far post to try a dribble (unsuccessful) to Sorin. The goal of the ultimate break then escaped to Paris and Auxerre, far from being cooled, was launched with even more enthusiasm in the assault. Enthusiasm perfectly embodied by Kossoko, far from perfect technically, but very aggressive and almost inevitably led to the equalization Auxerroise. Quite late in the game, the French striker got the better of Bisevac and struck out in force at the near post, forcing the ball to push Sirigu. Oliech, which was well attended, and caused a favorable against Le Tallec, placed near the penalty spot, pushed the ball into the goal almost empty (87th), to crucify the PSG. Unable to keep the score, or make the break, Parisians leave obviously disappointed and upset. For Auxerre, this is the bare minimum to maintain hope.

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